Lifetime General Servicing

We are pleased to offer Lifetime General Servicing for each David Ramzy piece. 

The Lifetime General Servicing includes:

  • polishing;
  • rhodium plating (for white gold pieces); and 
  • repairs. 

All of our pieces come with one free service per year that can be used for polishing and / or rhodium plating.

For all other services (including resizing), please contact us and we will provide you with a quote to service depending on what is required. 

All services (including your free annual service) will require you to pay return shipping. Alternatively you can drop off and pick up the pieces from one of our pop-up locations. Please check our socials for pop-up locations and dates. 

The above services are available to you for as long as you own your David Ramzy piece. We may require proof of purchase in order to service your pieces. 

Please note that lifetime servicing is only available for genuine David Ramzy pieces. 

To send in your David Ramzy pieces for servicing, please contact us at