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About Us

David Ramzy was born from a long family history in the jewellery industry and a culturally ingrained philosophy of fine jewellery. 

Co-founders Ernest and Mary share a Middle Eastern background where (much like most ancient cultures) jewellery has been treated, not only as beautiful pieces of adornment, but also as important means of wealth storage and investment that would be passed on for generations. We grew up in families where fine jewellery was entwined in every day life. From using accumulated jewels to purchase property through to gifting pieces that have been in the family for decades, fine jewellery has stood the test of time.  

In a world where everything is increasingly fleeting, our vision is to drive and instil the long term view that our ancestors had; a view in which legacy is crafted in fine jewellery. 

Coupled with a family history in the fine jewellery industry spanning more than 40 years, we have the expertise and artistic craftsmanship to create jewellery that is not just adornment but a timeless investment, preserving beauty and value for generations to come.

We hope to be part of your celebration of the profound emotions of family and love; connections to cherished moments and meaningful relationships.